PyWaves is an object-oriented Python interface to the Waves blockchain platform. The library is developing by community and open source. Latest documentation and examples can be found in Github repository.

Getting Started

You can install PyWaves using:

pip install pywaves


The library utilizes classes to represent various Waves data structures:

  • pywaves.Address
  • pywaves.Asset
  • pywaves.AssetPair
  • pywaves.Order

Code Example

import pywaves as pw

myAddress = pw.Address(privateKey='CtMQWJZqfc7PRzSWiMKaGmWFm4q2VN5fMcYyKDBPDx6S')
otherAddress = pw.Address('3PNTcNiUzppQXDL9RZrK3BcftbujiFqrAfM')
myAddress.sendWaves(otherAddress, 10000000)
myToken = myAddress.issueAsset('Token1', 'My Token', 1000, 0)
while not myToken.status():
myAddress.sendAsset(otherAddress, myToken, 50)

Source code

PyWaves Github repository

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