Transfers and gateways

Transfers and gateways chapter includes all details about send and deposit operations for each cryptocurrency which is supporting within the Waves Platform. All transactions with external coins are processing with the payment gateways.

  1. Waves transfers
  2. Asset transfers
  3. Bitcoin transfers
  4. Ethereum transfers
  5. Litecoin transfers
  6. Zcash transfers
  7. Bitcoin Cash transfers
  8. Dash transfers
  9. Monero transfers
  10. EURO and USD transfers

The Waves wallet also supports small purchases of Waves in Euro and US Dollar (minimum 30 EUR/USD, maximum 200 EUR/USD) using plastic card.

  1. Buying Waves using credit or debit card

As first, it is needed to feed your wallet with some crypto. If you don’t have Bitcoin (Ether, LiteCoin or Z-Cash), purchase them via your trusted exchange and send them to the wallet.

In order to feed your wallet, Waves-platform proposes a third-party exchange able to process your banl account, however that procedure could result much more time consuming respect your trusted supplier (The verification process is handled by IDnow service).

To apply for a wire transfer using your bank account you must be an identified user under the KYC/AML procedures. If you would like to apply for that, be prepared to submit your scanned ID/Passport and get prepared for a very brief webcam session. Once the procedure will be completed you will be authorized to wire bank funds _in and out _the platform.

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