A C# library for interacting with the Waves blockchain

Supports node interaction, offline transaction signing, Matcher orders, and creating addresses and keys.

Getting Started

You can download WavesCS.dll from releases and add it to your project's References and in your code as:

using WavesCS;

If you want to work with full WavesCS project as contributor you should use also all crypto .dll from releases in your References.

Target framework .NET Framework 4.5.1


The library utilizes classes to represent various Waves data structures and encoding and serialization methods:

  • WavesCS.Node
  • WavesCS.Order
  • WavesCS.OrderBook
  • WavesCS.PrivateKeyAccount
  • WavesCS.Transaction
  • WavesCS.AddressEncoding
  • WavesCS.Base58
  • WavesCS.Utils

Code Example

Code examples are in WavesCSTests project.

Source code

WavesCS Github repository

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