Restore Your Account

Step 1. Download and install the latest version from App Store. Please use only the official resource.

Step 2. Click on the Import Wallet button.

Step 3. Copy and paste or type your SEED into the blank text field.
Assign a name to the account. Then, click on the Create Wallet button.

Note: If you have the seed phrase that contains 15 words with spaces, in this case use only "Plain text" as format.
But if you have only "Encoded seed" just use "Base58" field.

Step 4. To finish the process, set a password and repeat for encryption of the SEED phrase.

Click on the OK button again and you will be forwarded to the user interface.

Note: Password is used only for local encryption of the wallet data.

In the additional section of the main menu, click on the More button.

Click on it, and you will be forwarding to additional wallet section.
There you will find your Waves address. If you have imported an account correctly, you will get the same address that you had.

If you find an address that does not belong to you and your balance is empty, it means that you have incorrectly restored access. To gain access, you need to repeat the restoring procedure.

Note: The seed phrase always contains 15 words with spaces between each word, except the beginning of the first word and the end of the last word. It is not possible to recover your password. However, you can restore your wallet only from the seed phrase, and choose a new password.

If you lose both your password and your seed, there is no way to recover your money. This is why we ask you to save your seed phrase on paper.

Wavesplatform does not have access to users accounts and seed phrases.

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