Waves Smart Contracts

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Our realization of smart contracts will contain two parts:

  1. A Smart Account language implementation, It is an important property that the smart account does not store any data on the blockchain. A smart account will only have access to blockchain state values that can be retrieved and executed relatively fast, in a “constant” time. these smart accounts can be run for the price of normal transactions with a predefined fee, without any additional “gas” or other costs.
  2. A Foundational Layer for developing various decentralised applications and smart contracts on the blockchain, with a built-in Turing-complete programming language.

We see the syntax of our language as functional, similar to F#: strong and statically typed.

Note. Here you can find our White Paper which describes Waves Smart Contract.

More technical details you can find in the articles below:

  1. Approach and Capabilities
  2. Language Description
  3. Standard Library Documentation
  4. Syntax Processor and Executor Implementation Details
  5. Creating and Deploying a Script Manually
  6. Script Performance Tests

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