Waves Client

The Waves Client is the official wallet software and is designed with mass adoption in mind. The application is very light-weight (~5MB) and therefore downloaded within seconds. The user interface is designed to resemble traditional online banking interfaces which essentially means being intuitive to use. Its biggest advantage is by far the fact that it doesn't require a blockchain download. the Client connects directly to a random node in the Waves network. All of this combined leads to a straightforward and fast set up process.

The Waves client could also be called a multi-currency wallet. It does not only allow users to hold WAVES but also any custom token issued on the Waves blockchain.

The Waves client is available as:

  1. Desktop Client

  2. Online Client

You can download the Desktop client from the official site of Waves Platform, it's available for Linux, Mac OS and Windows Then you need to follow the step by step guide for creating your account.

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